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Experienced Infant Consultants Provide Expert Information and Guidance on Newborn Care


It’s Happy Newborns to the rescue for parents overwhelmed by newborn care in an age crowded with tons of conflicting information! Our Newborn Consultants cut through the digital heap with guidance and support based on training and years of experience. We also support parents that may be experiencing special challenges—like feeding issues, reflux or colic, multiples and preemies.

In addition, our Infant Care Specialists offer helpful Lactation Support and popular, guaranteed Sleep Training. Happy Newborns launches parents confidently into their ‘fourth trimester’ and beyond with support via phone or in-home!

Overall Newborn Support

Our Infant Care Consultants shine in supporting and preparing eager parents! They can advise on nursery set up and stocking, a smooth hospital visit and transition home, newborn safety, troubleshooting challenges once the baby is home, newborn care basics, feeding / sleeping schedules, family adjustment and breastfeeding or formula preparation. They can also advise on key milestones and a tracking system.

Sleep Training (Guaranteed)

Yes, it’s entirely possible to have your infant or toddler sleep 12 hours without waking up (or waking you up)! Let our Baby Sleep Consultants draft a tailored plan of action to bring relief to a sleep deprived household. Happy Newborns offers both In-Home Sleep Consultations and Phone Sleep Training Consultations. Or, book a Night Nanny Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Training is included. By the way, we guarantee our Sleep Training program.

Lactation Counseling

For mothers who choose to breastfeed but are experiencing challenges or simply have questions regarding successful breastfeeding, Happy Newborns offers supportive sessions with one of our experienced Lactation Specialists. Our Lactation Support services may include assessment of the latch and feeding process, advice on best practices, education on milk production, how-tos of breastfeeding equipment, milk storage and gentle assistance with painful nursing, low milk production or babies who aren’t gaining the proper weight.

Advance My Baby Counseling

Ensure baby is reaching key developmental milestones in the first three months. Our Newborn Care Consultants will conduct a thorough assessment and monitor progress or challenges along the way. Should issues arise, appropriate measures may be taken to keep baby healthy and advancing.

Premature Baby Care

For parents who have a baby(ies) born before the 38th week, Happy Newborns provides expert advice and support. Preemies are particularly vulnerable in many ways—developmentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically—and require special care that healthy babies to term don’t necessarily experience. Our Infant Consultants work with parents with babies as little as 3.5 pounds.

Special Needs Baby Care

Special needs newborns may have varying medical issues or deformities that require some initial adjustment and care. In addition to RN and LPN Baby Nurses for transitional care, our Newborn Care Consultants offer in-depth experience, information and support in caring for special needs infants.

Nap Scheduling

Many parents come to us with their own sleep deprivation at the top of their list of things that have to change. However infant sleep deprivation is an equally serious, common issue. In addition to providing Sleep Training, our Infant Consultants walk parents through the often difficult arena of naps. If not implemented at birth, many babies simply do not get adequate rest. Babies actually need to be taught how to sleep properly and put themselves back to sleep.

Baby Scheduling

Although it sounds as if we are starting newborns on an Outlook Calendar (just like mommy and daddy) the minute they are born, Baby Scheduling actually means Happy Newborns respects that infants crave routine and predictability. Babies on a schedule typically progress better according to our Newborn Consultants’ experience.

Family Adjustment

Despite tales from friends of sleep deprivation, insanely jealous siblings (and sometimes mates), endless crying and even more endless dirty diapers, it’s hard not to glorify an expectation of smiles, easy feedings, sleeping angels, sweet dispositions and loving interactions. Even though parents kind of know what’s coming, often reality of a completely flip-flopped life hits hard. Life now revolves entirely around a six-pound, very needy being. Sessions with an expert Infant Consultant can ease this drastic lifestyle transition for mom, dad, siblings and other key family caregivers.

Infant Multiples Care

For parents multiply-blessed (and challenged), Happy Newborns’ Newborn Care Consultants can clearly navigate a dual set of questions and concerns. Services may include special nursery preparations, advice on feeding, sleeping and changing as well as best ways to ensure that both or more infants receive the attention and care necessary for healthy growth and development. 

Reflux or Colic

One of the most frustrating aspects of new parenthood is having a baby crying incessantly and not knowing the reason. Often misunderstood and missed in general diagnosing, reflux and colic can be common reasons for this behavior. Learn what can be done to ease uncomfortable digestive issues from one of our expert Newborn Consultants.

Organic Baby

For health and environmentally conscious parents, Happy Newborns offers consultations in Organic Baby Care. Our experts will review the dirty ingredients you want to avoid at all costs and provide recommendations for clean alternatives to many of the detrimental products available today. Infants are particularly vulnerable to harmful chemicals, and reactions can often be confusing and difficult to track. In addition, we can advise on ways to decrease your carbon footprint with all of those dirty diapers!

Nursery Design, Organization and Stocking

Layettes, wipes, cribs, mobiles, blankets and pacifiers. These are just a few of the key supplies parents want to have in-house prior to baby’s arrival. Don’t get home and realize that you forgot to lay in a supply of diapers! Let Happy Newborns’ Infant Care Consultants give you a complete list and even visit your home for expert advice on nursery design and organization.

Happy Newborns’ Baby Nurses and Postpartum Doulas can also bring expert relief and support and naturally provide much of the information contained in our consultations during their care in the home. Call Happy Newborns at (855) 954-BABY for more information on our many helpful Newborn Care Consultation services or fill out our initial Newborn Care Services Inquiry Form. Friends and family can contribute to helpful newborn consultations through our Rest Registry or Gift Certificates.

Relief, care and support from our team of qualified Newborn Care Specialists and Newborn Consultants are at your fingertips!

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