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Corporate Benefits Program

Happy Newborns Newborn Care Corporate Benefits Program


Offering Baby Nurses and Newborn Care Consultations to Employees
New Parents Can Be an Effective Recruiting Tool 


Happy Newborns offers a unique Newborn Care Benefits Program that allows employers to assist employees with the support they need after a new addition to the family. Today’s busy executives wanting to experience maximum fulfillment with both work and family life benefit greatly from both dayand/or Night Nanny Services. Night Nannies allow new parent employees the required rest they need to continue productive, successful careers, and Baby Nurses during the day or Postpartum Doulas provide peace of mind while parents are away from home.

In addition, Newborn Care Consultations in Sleep Training and Lactation Support (particularly for fully employed, breastfeeding mothers) can be immensely helpful. These services can greatly reduce often disruptive family leave and can serve as an effective, unique recruiting tool.

Short of having to fire an employee, a Human Resources officer’s next most challenging moment is the “I’m pregnant” or “My partner is having a baby that month” announcement. While there is the thrill of happiness for the exciting news, there is the dread of the increased workload for someone else to handle in the company. In addition, many parents actually don’t want to miss too many beats at work, despite the positively anticipated, life-changing event of welcoming a newborn into their lives.  Happy Newborns’ Newborn Care Benefits Program meets this dual need!

Newborn Care Providers and Postpartum Doulas Pitch In Day or Night (or Both) to Boost New Parent Employee Productivity


Happy Newborns offers a wide variety of Newborn Caregiver experience levels and types to meet the diverse needs of today’s parents. Our Newborn Care Providers include certified Newborn Care Specialists, others in training and Postpartum Doulas (more of a mother’s helper) that work during theday or night or actually live in to support the parents and family. In addition, Happy Newborns provides step down care so that in the case of a top-level employee, live-in care can begin initially, then shift to day support once baby is sleeping and parents can feel confident and in tip-top shape to carry on a full, demanding work schedule. Or, parents can step down in levels of Infant Caregiver experience as they become more adjusted to their new life. In any case, employing the services of a Newborn Caregiver cangreatly reduce stress and strain as new parents juggle the requirements of modern living.

Sleep Training and Lactation Support Consultations Benefit New Parent Employees Tremendously


A major contributor to declines in employee productivity and poor health is lack of sleep. Compound this common issue with infant sleep issues, and the problem escalates exponentially. A simple, yet beneficial employment perk for new parent employees is the gift of Sleep Training for their infants or young toddlers. Happy Newborns is so confident in our Sleep Training Consultants’ education and techniques that we offer a guarantee that the baby will sleep eight to 12 hours a night within a few short weeks of training. This translates into a reduced coffee cost line item and less confusion in interpreting nodding heads (are they falling asleep or in agreement?) around the conference table.

Another area that benefits employee new mothers in particular is Lactation Support from one of our educated Lactation Specialists. It’s one thing if new moms are at home and have some time, private space and easy access to the tools they need for breastfeeding, but for those who have made a serious commitment to breastfeed and work full time, there are many things to consider. Happy Newborns’ Lactation Educators can help navigate the challenges of scheduling, pumping and milk storage at work. It’s a little perk that can go a long way in keeping employees feeling satisfied, respected and considered while they find work / life balance. 

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