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Happy Newborns’ Lactation Specialists Help Solve Challenges with Breastfeeding


Expert Lactation Support Benefits Both Mom and Baby

Like many aspects of the postpartum phase, breastfeeding seems like it should be pretty easy and straightforward since it’s a very natural mammalian process. Well, sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t. For those times when it isn’t or where there are many questions—after all, breastfeeding changes as baby develops—Happy Newborns’ Lactation Support services educate and encourage new moms as well as address breastfeeding challenges. In addition to specific Lactation Educators, many of our Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas offer Lactation Support as part of their work in the home. Of course, phone consultations are an option as well, however we strongly encourage home visits to fully assess and advise. 


Lactation Counseling Options


Happy Newborns’ flexibility reflects the diverse needs of modern families, particularly mom in the instance of breastfeeding. Therefore, we offer the following Lactation Support options from our fully qualified, experienced Lactation Educators.

In-Home And Phone Lactation Counseling Packages 

NAMEDescriptionPre-DeliveryHome VisitsFollow Up Support
$$$Ideal for mothers who have many questions and want to be fully prepared to breastfeed3 hours of pre-delivery coaching in lactation “breast” practices in home5 days of approximately 1-hour, in-home visits immediately postpartum **Phone, email for 2 weeks **
$$Ideal for mothers who have questions and/or may be experiencing challenges from moderate to severeCoaching in lactation “breast” practices via phone1, 2-hour in-home visit immediately postpartum **Phone, email for 2 weeks **
$Ideal for mothers who have questions and/or may be experiencing moderate challengesCoaching in lactation “breast” practices via phoneNo home visit but 1, 2-hour Skype consultationPhone, email for 2 weeks **

** Postpartum consultation includes a complete review of current health, pregnancy, labor, delivery and breastfeeding feelings and goals. We will then assess how the baby latches and feeds. Then we will develop and review an action plan with mom.  Daily calls must be kept to 10 minutes, 1 email / day

Issues with Breastfeeding that Happy Newborns’ Lactation Education May Address


lactation support for new mothers - baby care help
  • Pain during latch
  • Infant is not latching or is dissatisfied after feeding
  • Engorgement
  • Continued nipple pain
  • Milk supply seems to be an issue
  • Signs / symptoms of plugged duct or mastitis
  • Baby is not feeding enough: 8-10 times in a 24-hour period after
  • the 3rd day
  • Baby is not gaining proper weight
  • Baby is not eliminating
  • Baby is cranky, cries all of the time, gassy and in pain
  • Baby has reflux
  • Pumping difficulties or questions
  • Sleeping difficulties for mom and baby based on feeding schedule

Lactation Education


In addition to troubleshooting, Happy Newborns’ Lactation Specialists provide education and information in the following areas of breastfeeding:

  • Infant feeding choices, including breastfeeding
  • Prenatal care to support breastfeeding
  • Psychological and emotional components
  • How to optimize the critical first feedings
  • Diet, prescription drugs, vitamin supplementation and
  • breastfeeding
  • Ideal holding / positioning of baby for ideal latching
  • Length of feeding, how much and until what age
  • How breastfeeding changes over the infant’s development
  • Milk production and supply
  • The effects of artificial nipples or pacifiers
  • Sexuality and breastfeeding
  • Fussy or high needs babies
  • Breastfeeding and reflux / colic
  • Multiples feeding
  • Weaning techniques
  • Supplementation
  • Challenges such as those mentioned above in “Issues”
  • Pumping techniques and scheduling as well as equipment and
  • storage
  • Managing busy careers and breastfeeding
  • Leak management

In addition to Lactation Support, many of our clients benefit from our other Newborn Care Consultant Services, like guaranteed Sleep Training, overall Newborn Care Consultations and Reflux/Colic Consultations. Step up services and enlist the assistance of a qualified Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula who can offer day or night support as well as live-in care. 

Call Happy Newborns at (855) 954-BABY or fill out our Newborn Care Services Inquiry Form to begin. Let friends and family know that they can help, too, by purchasing consulting time from our Rest Registry. 


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