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About Us


Baby Nannies to the Rescue for Sleep-Deprived, Stressed New Parents!

Happy Newborns Provides Day, Night and Live-In Nurse Services as Well as Postpartum Doulas and Newborn Care Consulting

We love to tell our story because it fully demonstrates our passion, dedication and love for offering the best Newborn Caregivers to ease the transition into parenthood and integration of infants into their new world. Our owner Greta Schrader was previously involved in a successful career before she decided to radically change course based on her desire to offer personal, hands-on service to different populations. She made a big leap from private pilot and a mover and shaker in the corporate world to Nanny and Newborn Care Provider. She quickly became aware of the immense benefit clients enjoyed in having an Infant Caregiver and educator in their home for the first 12 weeks.

It was an easy yes when Greta presented her proposed business plan for a Baby Nanny service “Shark Tank”-style to one of her clients because he also understood the value from personal experience. The commitment and dedication was so strong and immediate that Greta quickly undertook coursework and training to be a Newborn Care Provider. We like to think our clients get the best of two worlds — successful business operation and excellence in caregiving — based on Greta’s solid administrative and service background blended with her new pursuit.

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Greta Schrader is a motivated, passionate self-starter whose past career experience included being a private pilot.

Changing direction, she successfully pursued an education in business while caring for children and newborns for the past fifteen years. With Happy Newborns, she has combined her loves of entrepreneurial challenge with dedicated child care and finds immense satisfaction in creating great matches for our clients and caregivers. She is a Newborn Care Provider through the NCSA (Newborn Care Specialist Association).

Why Happy Newborns?


We are in the family building business—and that includes our family of clients and Newborn Caregivers. Personal relationships are at the heart of every transaction!

  • Client and caregiver interviews are extensive and detailed so that we are able to make the best match possible.
  • We offer great flexibility in our supportive services—from a range of qualified, experienced Infant Caregivers and the ability to step down care as time progresses to helpful consultations from our expert Newborn Consultants in areas such as Sleep Training and Lactation Support.
  • In addition to experienced, well trained Newborn Caregivers, Happy Newborns offers experienced administrators—including a seasoned nanny who has undergone Newborn Care Provider training.
  • Happy Newborns offers our caregivers additional training in ethics and professionalism which requires passing a test and adherence to our own philosophy and standards of excellence.
  • We ease what can be a stressful, time-intensive, complicated process into unchartered territory by finding qualified, professional, fully-screened and suitable Baby Nurses, Postpartum Doulas and Infant Consultants from which to select.
  • We offer immediate relief and reassurance for stressed parents by providing a Night Nanny Risk Free Trial and a Sleep Training Guarantee for in-home consultations.

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For Newborn Caregivers:


  • They must demonstrate qualities of reliability, trustworthiness, honesty, a love of children, professionalism and a good work ethic.
  • They must demonstrate the required training and experience for their newborn care category (RN/LPN, NCSA Newborn Care Specialist, Newborn Care Specialist, Newborn Care Provider, Postpartum Doula).
  • They must be a minimum of 21 years of age.
  • They must have a minimum of 3 years experience working with newborns.
  • They must provide 2 forms of personal identification.
  • They must provide current Infant CPR & First Aid certification.
  • They must provide an updated resume with experience and qualifications. They must provide 3 excellent work references and 2 personal references.
  • They must be authorized to work in the U.S. (verified Social Security number).
  • There must be a willingness to undergo various background checks (national and international background checks, National Sex Offender Registry check, Child Abuse Registry check).
  • They must be able to read, write and speak English fluently.
  • They must be a non-smoker.
  • They must engage in a face-to-face interview (Skype may be possible) with a Happy Newborns representative prior to being eligible for work with us.
  • They must successfully complete our Ethics & Procedures Training, including passing a written test. They must show proof of updated TDAP, annual flu shot and TB test within the last 4 years.

For our Families:


  • The client fills out a detailed, family application.
  • Happy Newborns conducts an in-depth, in-person home visit to you and your family when possible to understand client needs, service levels, lifestyle, preferences and expectations. Alternatively, a Skype or phone call will be arranged.
  • Based on client budget and care needs, Happy Newborns will recommend the most appropriate Newborn Caregiver type, including the option of step-down care or Newborn Consulting.
  • Based on family interview, Happy Newborns will present a few potential caregivers we feel may be a good fit in terms of personality, experience and availability. Clients may review the candidate’s file at any time.
  • Happy Newborns will offer a Risk Free Trial of one night’s Baby Nurse service after the family interview, if desired.
  • We will schedule interviews with the client and caregivers, in person if possible, Skype if necessary.
  • The client will make a selection and engage our services by signing a Services Agreement that outlines job expectations, responsibilities, fees and terms of employment.
  • Happy Newborns continues with the client every step of the way through the contract duration.

NCS Certification


We strongly promote caregivers with Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) certifications. An international association, NCSA is the gold standard in newborn care certification with established standards of excellence and newborn care.


A Certified Newborn Care Specialist is guaranteed to have more than 1,800 hours of hands-on care within the last two years. She has been background and referenced checked by the Newborn Care Specialist Association (NCSA). She will have proven to the NCSA that she is qualified through testing, reading, completing specific training and hour requirements. The client will know if they hire a Certified NCS that they have been thoroughly checked out and found to be one of the nation’s best NCSs. The Advanced Certified NCS is an accomplished professional. She should have a total of three years of hands-on newborn care with more than 2,500 hours of hands-on experience in the last 2 years.

Newborn Care Provider


Course completion + passed test + less than 2 years of experience + strong mentor relationship

NCS Basic Certification


Course completion + passed test + 1,800 to 2,499 hours + 2 years of experience

NCS Advanced Certification


Course completion + passed test + more than 2,500 hours + more than 3 years of experience

Rest easy with Happy Newborns by calling (855) 954-BABY or filling out our initial Newborn Care Services Inquiry Form. We would be delighted to discuss our Baby Nurse, Postpartum Doula and Newborn Consultation services as well as our Night Nurse Risk Free Trial and signature Rest Registry that allows family and friends to purchase the gift of sleep or support from our highly acclaimed staff.

Relief, care and support from our team of qualified Newborn Care Specialists and Newborn Consultants are at your fingertips!

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