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Happy Newborns worry-free newborn care with baby nurses

Happy Newborns provides qualified, trusted Baby Nurses, Night Nannies and Newborn Care Consultants to smoothly transition newborns and their parents into their new lives together.

In just a few, Short months we cultivate confident, capable parents and well-adjusted newborns.


All of our services are geared to create the optimal environment for both parents and newborns to flourish. Our expert team not only provides relief and support to busy parents but also gently guides them in best practices in modern newborn care.


Our team of expert Infant Care Specialists will meet your family's needs & your busy schedule


From night nurses,

Night Nurse for your Newborn Baby

to watching your newborn while you go back to work,


to full time live-in nannies.


Happy Newborns offers flexibility in the types of newborn care we provide



Our Live-In and Daytime Baby Nurses Frequently Communicate


with busy parents away from home so that no important moments are missed!

Happy Newborns Training


Top Notch Nannies

In addition to their excellent qualifications, Happy Newborns' nannies are required to attend our Ethics & Professionalism class.

Our Newborn Nurses share best practices in infant care including bottle/formula feeding, natural skin and body care, milestone achievement and weight monitoring


Nanny Ethics


Happy Newborns requires our caregivers attend additional training in ethics and professionalism which requires passing a test and adherence to our own philosophy and standards of excellence.

Give the Gift of Sleep



Spread the Word About Happy Newborns’ Signature Rest Registry

that allows family and friends to purchase the gift of sleep or support from highly acclaimed Infant Care Specialists.

Relief, care and support from our team of qualified Newborn Care Specialists and Newborn Consultants are at your fingertips!

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