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Sleep Training for Babies to the Rescue

Sleep training for babies will be life-changing for you and your newborn.

Sleep Training for BabiesThere’s always a hum of excitement in the air as parents anticipate the arrival of their new bundle of joy. What will she look like? Will he look more like mommy or daddy? Will the name we have picked out fit her? Will we be good parents? They’re all normal questions and they’re all answered very swiftly with the baby’s arrival. One very common question is if baby will sleep through the night. One thing new parents may not know is that with sleep training for babies, those countless sleepless nights up with baby will be something only other new parents will fret over.

A family has been born and the parents’ lives are forever changed. There will be new challenges like teething and triumphs like crawling and then walking. It doesn’t hurt to have a trustworthy source of guidance when it comes to raising your first child. One challenge that drives many to seek help is sleepless nights. It’s understandable for baby to be confused and mistake the evening for the daytime. That is where Sleep training for babies comes in.

Expert sleep training for babies and toddlers is a popular service provided by Happy Newborns, a new company offering nanny service to new parents and families with premature babies, babies who suffer from various sicknesses, and multiples (twins, triplets, etc.). Newborn Care Specialists use their training and guaranteed techniques to accomplish a something that may seem impossible to sleep deprived parents – 12 hours of sleep for the baby without waking. The training can begin once the baby has reached at least 12 weeks of age or 12 pounds and can be offered until the child is 4 years old.

Parents often resort to rocking their baby to sleep each time he wakes up, allowing the baby to sleep in the parents’ bed, or in extreme cases crawling into the crib with her just to get her to go to sleep. While these can be effective ways to appease a cranky child, they aren’t sustainable methods and ultimately, it’s not what is best for you or for baby.

It is important to remember that if you’ve had a sleepless night, so has your baby and that means you’re both exhausted so this training is for the benefit of the entire family. These night nannies use tried and true methods and are often able to yield results in as little as 2 to 4 nights. Services provided can be offered on a live-in basis for several months or alternatively over the phone for parents who simply need some quick assurance, advice or guidance.

Just as parents take their baby’s care very seriously, Happy Newborns is completely invested in your baby’s health and wellbeing. Our Newborn Care Specialists are selected for their experience, their expertise, and their quality of service.  They are more than qualified to assist you on your journey in any way you see necessary.

Happy Newborns is currently offering a risk free trial of a night of rest. Pre-qualified families can try out a night nanny  for 12 hours at absolutely no cost. During these 12 hours, the night nanny will offer a plethora of services including soothing and swaddling techniques, lactation education, infant bathing and more. It’s difficult to think of a reason not to try it out.

On a more consistent basis, these experts can help you and your baby to get on a sleeping schedule that gives the whole family the sleep they need to function optimally during the daytime. Start the sign up process here and call (855) 954-BABY for more information. You can also find out more by visiting

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