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Rest Registry

Happy Newborns Offers Rest Registry for Baby Nurse Services


Friends and Families Can Purchase Night Nanny Sessions and Newborn Care Consultations


Crib: Check! Diapers: Check! Car seat: Check! Stroller: Check! Onesies and Layettes: Check! What about sleep?

It quickly becomes a critical item on every new parent’s checklist. Another item would be guidance on caring for a newborn, especially if this is a first time. Make sure friends and family members know about Happy Newborns’ Rest Registry and gift certificates for Night Nurse services, Postpartum Doulas and Infant Care Consultations.

Rest Registry Provides
Sleep to New


Imagine coming home from the hospital and having a Night Nurse to care for the baby overnight while you slept so that you were able to carry on with important daily duties. Whether a few nights or ongoing for several months, this type of support can make a huge difference in new parents’ ability to enjoy the first few months of baby’s life without sacrificing in other areas like health, career and other aspects of family life. Having a Night Nanny greatly reduces the stress, apprehension, exhaustion and frustrationthat are the typical hallmarks of newborn care. Happy Newborns enables family and friends to easily purchase hours of rest for potentially sleep-deprived parents.

Gift Certificates for Postpartum Doula Assistance 


In some cases, a mother may prefer a Postpartum Doula as a mother’s helper rather than a Newborn Care Specialist.  She may need the extra assistance around the house, running errands, sibling care and overall TLC for herself as she juggles new responsibilities and recovers from a significant life event.  Many new mothers need the extra emotional and physical support, particularly if postpartum depression becomes an issue.  Postpartum Doulas provide guidance on infant care as well as support breastfeeding, hydration, comfort and proper feeding of mom.

Gift Certificates for Newborn Care Consultations


Give the gift of new parent confidence with a Happy Newborns Newborn Care Consultation Gift Certificate. Our qualified, experienced Newborn Consultants offer sessions in person or on the phone in a variety of subjects that new parents find most helpful.

baby nurses help mothers go back to work after new baby
  • Sleep Training
  • Overall Newborn Support
  • Lactation Counseling
  • Advance My Baby Counseling
  • Nursery Design, Organization, Stocking
  • Premature Baby Care
  • Special Needs Care
  • Family Adjustment
  • Multiples Skills
  • Reflux or Colic
  • Nap Scheduling Organic Baby
  • Scheduling Baby

To contribute to a Rest Registry or to arrange a gift certificate, call (855) 954-BABY or purchase Night Nanny services and Newborn Consultations online

Relief, care and support from our team of qualified Newborn Care Specialists and Newborn Consultants are at your fingertips!

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