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Tips on How to Give a Bath to a Newborn

You and your newborn baby are finally united! The nursery is ready, baby cam is on and you have a plethora of clothing ready to lasts the first five years! But there are some things money can’t buy, like the proper way to bathe your newborn. Happy Newborns will go over some bathing types and choose which are appropriate for your newborn and parenting style. Although it is normal for most adults to bath once a day or more, a newborn baby simply requires a sponge bath every few days their first year as daily bathing can dry out your baby’s skin.


Sponge bath– (During your first weeks with your Happy Newborn.) Here are some things to remember when giving your newborn baby their first sponge bath:

  1. Fill a small basin with warm water to soak sponge or wash cloth
  2. Bath in a warm area of the house before undressing baby
  3. Place a towel or wash cloth next to the sink/bath
  4. Gently wash over any creases, under arms, neck and behind the ears


Remember to be extremely gentle when bathing a newborn and to hold them as you sponge them and never leave them unattended in the bathing area, even if for an instant!


Womb Bath– As your newborn grows and is ready to be submerged in water on a more regular basis, a womb bath is a perfect transition because it’s super safe and best of all for the parent, super easy!

Using a sink or a TummyTub or similar, and keep these things in mind:


  1. Fill the sink or Tummytub with body temperature water, use a thermometer for accuracy
  2. Place a towel and wash cloth next to the bath/sink ready to receive baby
  3. Use a thin baby wash cloth to apply soap
  4. Place your baby in the bath holding them by the back of the neck only supporting the head above water and allow your baby’s body to float freely
  5. Support your baby’s neck while applying the soap wash cloth with the other
  6. Keep the bath time under 10 minutes
  7. If possible, have a drying towel spinning in the dryer in low heat just prior to the end of the bath for a warm pat down to dry your baby
  8. Follow the womb bath with a baby massage with a natural baby lotion


While there are many baby soap brands available, come check out The Bump’s “Best Baby Soaps, Shampoos and Washes” list for high quality and safe options to choose for YOUR Happy Newborn!

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