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Finding the Right Nanny for your Baby

There are many decisions you will make for your newborn, choosing the right nanny is one of them. 


A new baby means a new life. Nothing is ever the same after you finally meet your little one. Your heart now crawls, stumbles and eventually walks around separately from you. You are now responsible for the wellbeing of this little person and all you want is for them to be happy and healthy. It’s understandable if your world very quickly becomes molecular and solely focused on this tiny human. It’s a natural instinct, but take it from us, parents need some “grownup time” from time to time. If you don’t recharge every once in a while, you may not be able to fully give your baby what they need. Personal time, though, brings an important question to the fore. Who do you trust to care for your baby?


It’s easy to think first of family members. Maybe a little spoiling from Grandma and Grandpa isn’t such a bad thing. But what if family isn’t right around the corner? What if your baby has a health condition such as colic? What if you have multiples (twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc)? You want your baby or babies to receive the highest standard of care; a mother’s standard of care; your standard of care. Consider a professional babysitter or nanny for babies from Happy Newborns.


At Happy Newborns we pride ourselves on our dedication and commitment to maintaining a level of service that is second to none other than you. We know that finding the right nanny for your baby can be a daunting process. Happy Newborns’ professional babysitting services are tailored to each family’s needs and standards. We employ trained personnel who are dedicated exclusively to the care of newborn babies and children.


The concept of a nanny may seem overbearing. Your mind may drift to Mrs. X and Annie in the Nanny Diaries movie, but Happy Newborns clients and nannies are not actors and actresses. Our nanny services can be and always are tailored to each client family. Happy Newborns happily offers nanny assistance on permanent, hourly, and temporary basis. When assigning one of our professional babysitters to our clients, we abide by a swift but careful process. Parents may be in a hurry to find someone, but their priority is finding the right person and our priority is the parents’ priority.


Our professional babysitters are qualified not only for watching your baby, but also for providing enriching quality time. A Happy Newborns nanny for babies transcends the role of a person charged with the responsibility of simply watching a child. She endeavors to develop educational activities suitable for your baby which include recreational activities suitable for your baby which include recreation and learning. She also assists in establishing food schedules and habits such as hygiene, sleep, and study.


Happy Newborns is a nanny service provider in the South Florida area and we specialize in newborns and babies who need special attention. Our personnel is comprised of extremely qualified, reliable, and responsible professionals who are trained in a variety of areas such as doula support, sleep training, lactation support and more.


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