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Nanny jobs available with new company Happy Newborns

Baby Nurse Jobs - Newborn Care Specialist jobs - Nanny JobsHappy Newborns is an innovative south Florida-based company serving first-time parents in need of assistance in the process adjusting to life as “mommy and daddy”. It is far more that the typical nanny job. It is a service based on mutual concern and investment in babies’ care and development and moms’ health and success. Baby care services provided run the gamut including sleep training, lactation support, newborn consultations, doula support, caring for multiples and babies with colic/reflux, and much more.

The company was founded with the intention to offer the needed help to parents who want to give their children the best start in life. It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child and the staff at Happy Newborns are poised to be a part of that village in the form of a baby nurse, a newborn care consultant, a nanny, etc.

We are currently looking for professionals who share our mindset to join our team. Besides the satisfaction of contributing to a new family and assisting in such a rewarding way, there are many advantages to working with Happy Newborns.

Happy Newborns offers a work environment with a much lower stress level than a hospital or clinic. Newborn care jobs in this setting enable you to work at your prime instead of spreading you thin over dozens of patients at a time. There are also varying levels of employment based on certification and training. Positions start with Newborn Care Providers and increase in required certification and expertise to the RN/LPN Certified Newborn Care Specialists (NCSA). This allows for upward mobility and encourages furthering education. Happy Newborns also offers competitive salary for these newborn care jobs.

A Newborn Care Provider has less than 2 years of work experience in the field, but is working towards completing their NCSA coursework. This is a great starting position for those who are new to the field.

Postpartum Doulas are trained to assist mothers, but are also able to help with light household duties and sibling care.

Newborn Care Consultants provide expert consulting in a range of areas including sleep training, nursery design, premature baby care, lactation counseling and more.

An NCSA Certified Newborn Care Specialist will have at least 5 years of experience in newborn care and specialized training.

An RN/LPN Certified Newborn Care Specialist (NCSA) is qualified to work with children who have complex medical needs and is perfect for parents who want to make sure they and their child are in the best hands.

A Nanny is responsible for keeping the children safe, able to develop activities with the children, including recreation and learning. In addition, they are responsible for integrating very important habits, schedules, study, hygiene and sleep.


To start the application process, qualified nannies who are interested can submit an application online. Once a Happy Newborns representative has reviewed the application, they will reach out to the applicant to schedule an interview. If after the interview, we find the applicant suitable, we will begin the thorough background check. This is to ensure the safety of our clients and the preservation of our high standards. The final requirement to become an employee is to complete our Ethics and Procedures training course and to pass a written assessment. After that, clients and employees are paired based on their mutual approval to ensure cohesion and overall success.

Our sights are always set on the horizon and we are looking forward to extending our coverage to the rest of the United States. To accomplish this, we welcome applicants from all areas.

 If you would like more information, visit or call us at (855) 954-BABY.


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