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Baby Nurse to the rescue for busy parents!


First time parents, have you read all the books and watched all the YouTube videos but still can’t get your baby to sleep? Haven’t had a full night’s rest since your baby came home? Let our qualified Baby Nurse rescue you!


Fear not! A Happy Newborns is here to help you and your baby have a full night’s sleep. Let our Baby Nurse Newborn Caregiver help ease the transition into parenthood and integrate your new bundle of love into your home and new lifestyle. Not only do we help you regain your peace of mind and full night’s sleep but our highly qualified baby nurse will teach you how to sleep-train your little one.

Our Baby Nannies provide nurturing, hands-on help and may assist in light household duties. This is especially crucial for moms who have had difficulties during delivery and C-sections. Our trained Newborn Caregivers provide Lactation Support addressing both diet & lifestyle adjustments to quickly place your little angel on a structured schedule with guaranteed sleep training. Our Baby Nurses are qualified in both multiples and preemie care as well as colic/reflux treatment. We keep our busy parents informed as much as they request during the day with details on milestones and activities so they don’t miss a thing!

We offer great flexibility to meet the needs of modern families, offering varying levels of qualified experienced Baby Nurses & Newborn Caregivers that can provide tailored care as your  little loved one (and parents) adjust. Quite simply, over the short course of the ‘fourth trimester’, Happy Newborns delivers confident, skilled, fully rested parents and well adapted Happy Newborn Babies!

We offer a Risk Free Trial* of our Baby Nurse services for immediate relief for stressed, sleepless parents. Don’t over think it or suffer any longer! We are here to help you and your newborn have a full night’s’ sleep!

Relief, care and support from our team of qualified Newborn Care Specialists and Newborn Consultants are at your fingertips!

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Be sure to ask about our Baby Nurse Risk Free Trial for a night of sleep!