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Happy Newborns Day, Night or Live-In Baby Nurses Deliver Relief 


Newborn Care Specialists, Night Nannies and Newborn Care Providers Provide Helpful Newborn Support

Happy Newborns intensely screens and successfully presents highly trained and experienced Newborn Care Specialists as part of our Baby Nanny services to ease the transition of a new baby and parents into family life. Many new parents have experienced a similar ‘now what’ upon coming home with a newborn. Today’s busy households present complex needs, especially when two parents are working, particularly in highly demanding jobs. Loss of sleep and lack of information in newborn care are unnecessary thanks to Happy Newborns.

Happy Newborns’ Baby Nurses undergo rigorous screening that includes background checks, extensive face-to-face interview and reference checks. Our Baby Nurses must also attend the Happy Newborns’ ethics and professionalism class and pass a written test. Happy Newborns’ Day, Night and Live-In Nurses, expertly nurture infants while coaching and guiding new parents in proven methods of newborn care. Our dedicated, passionate team of caregivers serve as reliable resources, able to ease worry and anxiety and adeptly navigate new parents through an often confusing sea of information.

There are many benefits to using the services of Happy Newborns’ experienced Baby Nurses. 

Baby nurses-newborn care specialists-night nanny for babies
  • Our Night Nurses or Live-In Nurses facilitate rest for both parents during a critical recovery and transition time.
  • We quickly place baby on a structured schedule with guaranteed Sleep Training.
  • We smooth the transition from hospital to home, easily integrating an infant into a home environment that may include siblings or other family members.
  • Our trained Newborn Caregivers provide Lactation Support, addressing both diet and lifestyle.
  • Our Baby Nannies provide nurturing, hands-on help and may assist in light household duties.
  • Many of Happy Newborns’ Infant Care Specialists have an NCSA (Newborn Care Specialist) certification, the gold standard in Baby Nurse certification, eagerly offering clear, common sense information on optimal early parenting based on their extensive training and experience.
  • For medically complex babies, including preemies, some of our Baby Nurses are actually RNs and LPNs. In addition, most of our Newborn Nurses are trained in guiding moms with problem deliveries and C-sections back to health.
  • Our Baby Nurses are qualified in both multiples and preemie care, as well as colic/reflux treatment.
  • From weight to milestones, our Newborn Nurses track a newborn’s progress as well as assist with support, reassurance and guidance when challenges arise. We keep our busy parents informed as much as they request during the day with details on milestones and baby’s activities so they don’t miss a thing!
  • We offer great flexibility to meet the needs of modern families, offering varying levels of qualified, experienced Newborn Caregivers that can provide step down care as the newborn (and parents) adjust. We also offer helpful consultations from our expert Newborn Care Consultants.
  • Happy Newborns’ Postpartum Care Resource Guide, detailed FAQs and blog guide parents with expert advice and support.
  • We offer a Risk Free Trial of our Night Nurse services for immediate relief for stressed, sleepless parents.
  • Quite simply, over the short course of the ‘fourth trimester’, Happy Newborns delivers confident, skilled parents and well adapted newborns!

What Type of Newborn Caregiver or Night Nanny Do I Need?

In order to meet the diverse needs of modern families, Happy Newborns provides several different types of Infant Caregiver Providers based on levels of experience and corresponding cost. The chart below explains the differences.

RN/LPN Certified Newborn Care Specialist (NCSA) or Equivalent$$$$$Our most coveted caregivers! For babies with more complex medical needs or parents who want ultimate peace of mind. NCSA Certification or equivalent with 5+ years of experience in newborn care, specialized training and certification.
NCSA Certified Newborn Care Specialist$$$$NCSA Certified with 5+ years of experience in newborn care, specialized training and certification.
Newborn Care Specialist$$$2+ years of experience in newborn care with specialized training and completion of NCSA coursework.
Newborn Care Provider$$Less than 2 years of experience in newborn care working toward completion of their NCSA coursework. Providers work closely with a mentor and are well managed and capable.
Postpartum Doula$$$A trained and certified mother’s helper primarily but can assist in light household duties and infant/sibling care.

What Services Do Newborn Care Specialists, Newborn Care Providers and Night Nannies Provide?


Newborn Care Specialists, Newborn Care Providers and Night Nannies provide similar services. Their experience varies, however. RNs and LPNs, of course, will be able to handle more complex medical needs. Some of our Infant Caregivers may offer additional assistance such as running errands, light housework, family laundry and/or meal preparation.

  • Circumcision/umbilical cord care
  • Detailed record keeping of baby’s activities
  • Education and support
  • Lactation support
  • Feeding Baby scheduling Infant laundry Infant bathing
  • Multiples Organic baby education
  • Nursery organization, stocking
  • Premature baby care
  • Reflux/colic
  • Sleep training (guaranteed)
  • Soothing and swaddling techniques

Ready to find out more?

For more information about Sleep Training infants earlier than 12 weeks / 12 pounds or toddlers ages 2 to 4, visit our FAQ Sleep Training section

A Newborn Nanny that Fits Today’s Family Needs


Happy Newborns is in the infant care matchmaking business, evaluating a family’s unique needs and pairing them with an appropriate caregiver. Our extremely detailed Newborn Care Services Application and in-person parent interview (when possible) guide us in understanding a family’s lifestyle, home setting and scheduling needs. Live-In Newborn Caregivers stay in the home and provide round-the-clock infant care and support, whileday and night Baby Nurses most often work a 10-hour shift and then depart.

We typically wean parents off of our services after about three months. For parents wanting more overall mom support, Happy Newborns’ Postpartum Doulas offer a wealth of knowledge in caring for postpartum moms as well as provide for basic baby needs. In addition, our Newborn Consulting services equip parents with the information and skills they need to take care of their new, little one.

Call Happy Newborns at (855) 954-BABY for more information and details on our Risk Free Trial or fill out our initial Newborn Care Services Inquiry Form.

Relief, care and support from our team of qualified Newborn Care Specialists and Newborn Consultants are at your fingertips!

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